Jewelry and accessories for women who own their glow 

Designed with love and created by hand in Munich, the Golden Hearts is fine jewelry and unique and premium hair accessories with the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. Crystals, pearls and gold leaves are woven into chic necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We believe in long life for fashion and want our customers to buy what they love in the hopes they will cherish each design for many years. Founded on the idea that jewelry could be more than an accessory, each design is intended to become a seamless extension of those wearing it — a symbol of luck, celebration and love — a way to reflect on the important milestones in one's life. Most objects in our lives are barely noticed and not much more than consumer goods. Some objects, however, become so important to people that they start to shape their understanding of their self. we heard repeatedly how jewelery is used as a tool to maintain and manage memories. Someone can wear a certain necklace to bring back memories, whereas someone will keep it in a jewelery box and just open the box to touch and look at it. How a piece of jewelery works to maintain memories is individual for each woman, but the basic behaviors of touching, wearing, and browsing are essential in keeping the memories alive. These behaviors support the meaning, which lies in memories made tangible by the physical pieces. When we got deeper into our stories, we came to see the role jewelery plays in family history as another necessary feature of the process of becoming a part of the core self. We believe that true luxury is effortless, that sophistication is sexy and everything is infinitely more stylish when it's worn with a smile